Doughnut Party

Doughnut Party is one party that you'll want to stop by. The creators behind Moonshine Doughnuts, those cake-like doughnuts you've seen at local pop-ups and farmers markets, have officially opened up a brick & mortar shop! The word spreads quick because if you follow them on Instagram, you'll know that they usually sell out in the afternoon. The party takes place in Holland Plaza, which is one of my new favourite parts in the city. Where else can you find doughnuts, brunch, meditation, and escape rooms all in one area? 

Similar to Moonshine, the doughnuts here are vegan. The only difference between the two is that these party doughnuts are deep-fried! You won't get any odd vegan taste in your mouth from these doughnuts. They're delicious, fluffy, non-greasy, and larger than your average doughnut. The doughnuts are freshly made every morning with six flavours a day. Flavours change daily, with some popular ones being repeated during the week. Pricing wise, it's $3 for one, $16 for half a dozen, and $30 for a dozen (perfect for sharing!). 

During my visit, I decided to share half a dozen with my friend. We bought one of each flavour that was offered that day. 

- Cherry fritter: heavy glazing with bits of cherries. There was a bit too much glazing for my taste. 
- S'mores: chocolate frosting with graham crackers crumbs & a toasted marshmallow. The dream dessert doughnut, especially if you love chocolate. 
- Birthday cake: vanilla frosting with sprinkles of birthday cake pieces. This seemed to be the favourite one among my friends. I found it to be more similar to a cake and it was very sweet. 
- Strawberry chipotle: light strawberry glazing with hints of chipotle. My personal favourite. It reminded me of a fresh strawberry smoothie in a doughtnut form. 
- Raspberry: raspberry glazing. Simple and tarty. 
- Fruit punch sugar: covered in fruit punch flavoured sugar. Had an oddly sweet taste that grew on me with every bite. I'm not the biggest fan of sugar doughnuts, though. 

It's always nice to see local businesses thrive! The party starts early so don't snooze if you don't want to miss out. It's open until sold out. 

Doughnut Party
10938 118 Street
Edmonton, AB 

Tues - Fri: 8 am - 1:30 pm
Sat: 9 am - 2 pm 

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Zwick's Pretzels

If you haven't heard by now, Edmonton got its first freshly baked pretzel store! Having just opened less than a month ago, there are already lineups on the daily. It's definitely worth the wait though. I had a friend who asked me if it's better than Wetzels Pretzels... please don't even compare this place to Wetzels. Wetzels definitely does not have fresh, delicious, and soft pretzels like Zwick's does. As soon as you step into the door, you'll smell it in the air. I should probably mention by now that you can find this little gem near 124 street. The shop itself only has a picnic table for about six people and a small waiting area beside it which can get cramped. There's angle parking in front though, so you don't have to attempt to parallel like for the rest of the eateries in the area! My friends and I stopped by on a Wednesday just before the lunch rush started. Good thing we came around 11 AM because by the time we left, it was filled with people waiting. We didn't have to wait that long for our food but it wasn't super fast either, which is understandable. 

Their chalkboard menu features three main categories: sandwichzels, pretzels, and dips. Everything is reasonably priced so feel free to go on a pretzel spree! 

Pretzels: Guajillo & Feta, Savoury Garlic, Butter $2-$3 each
I was the only one at the table who ordered pretzels. My friends ended up watching me eat them in envy. There are 3 types of pretzels: basic, dusted, and cheese. Basic and dusted pretzels can be bought in nubs as well - basically mini sized pretzel bites. I tried each type of pretzel. For those who are less adventurous, a basic pretzel is meant for you (butter, butter & salt, garlic butter). If you want a bit of flavour then a dusted pretzel is your go-to. I had the savoury garlic and enjoyed how it wasn't super garlic-ly, no lingering bad breath here! My personal favourite was the cheese pretzel though, guajillo & feta in particular. It has a slightly tangy flavour while remaining cheesy with the feta pieces. Super flavourful! 

Now onto the pretzel itself, it wasn't too big or small. It's just bigger than the size of my hand so it's great for a snack. The pretzels are soft, fluffy, and just a bit moist on the inside. I didn't try any pretzel dips with mine but they do have a variety to choose from. Oh and for dessert lovers, there's a cinammon sugar pretzel (or nubs) for you guys.

Bacon & Egg Sandwichzel $5 
Wow, this was the BEST breakfast sandwich I've ever had. Three of us at the table all got one each and enjoyed it. The pretzel bun kinda reminded me of a bagel sandwich. It was pretty simple - house cured back bacon, sunny side egg, and grilled tomato, but quite memorable. I'll come back for you again... 

Dill, Pea, & Potato Salad $3
The potato salad was creamy and full of flavour from the hints of dill. Aside from borscht, which is a vegetarian option, this potato salad was the only side offered. That's fine though cause I'd rather eat my sandwichzels with a side of pretzel! 

Corned Beef Sandwichzel $8
This would be the most filling sandwichzel on the menu. It's stuffed with house cured brisket, melted swiss and mozza cheese, vinegar slaw, and a "magic sauce". All in between a pretzel bun, of course. If you're looking for something at Zwick's that delivers more protein than carbs, you should get this.

Pork Sausage Sandwichzel $4 
The last sandwichzel on the menu was more of a "hot dog" type of sandwich. It was a pork sausage served between a pretzel bun with apple onion relish on top. This is the item that I really want to try on my next visit! 

If you love pretzels then you need to make a visit here ASAP. Just be aware that there might be a wait if you go around peak hours (mainly lunch time). They're closed on Mondays and Tuesdays as well. I'll be back to get my pretzel fix!

Zwick's Pretzels 
12415 107 Avenue 
Edmonton, AB 

Mon & Tues: Closed
Wed - Sat: 10 am - 6 pm
Sun: 10 am - 3 pm

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Pizza Cono

Pizza Cono is exactly what it sounds like, a pizza in a cone shape. It's located in the food court of West Edmonton Mall, near the Waterpark. Their main offerings are pizza cones and panini sandwiches. The pizza cones are served classic ($6.90) or umbrella ($7.90). The only difference between the two is that the umbrella size seems to appear slightly wider and "cooks faster" according to the worker. The pizza choices are pre-determined although it would be a good idea to have a 'build your own pizza cone' concept. The food is made right in front of you then cooked in the oven for about two minutes.

Pepperoni Umbrella & Pesto Umbrella $7.90/each

 I got the pesto flavour while my friend got pepperoni. The pesto came with white cheese, tomato sauce, pesto sauce, and freshly diced tomatoes. The pepperoni was your typical - mixed cheese, tomato sauce, and pepperoni slices. The serving size was equivalent to an actual slice of pizza. It was a bit pricey though, if this was in a pizza form it would've only been half the price. There is a lot more dough to it than with just a pizza slice. It's super cheesy as well. A bit of the sauce and cheese ended up going to the bottom of the cone, along with grease. I wouldn't try it again but it's nice to see pizza served in a unique way. 

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Miga Korean Cuisine

Miga is the newest Korean restaurant to open up in Edmonton. Like most Korean eateries, it's located somewhere in the southside. I swear that's where all the good food is! I mainly came to Miga to try out one thing in particular which was their hot stone plate with dipping cheese. Yes, dipping cheese. I've only started seeing this food trend recently last year on social media but knew I had to try it (even though I'm kinda lactose, oops). Miga serves the traditional dishes you'd find at most Korean restaurants in the city (bulgogi, short rib, noodles, bibimbap, and hot pot/stew). They also have don katsu (fried pork cutlet with cheese) which I didn't have a chance to try. Our food was accompanied by the usual banchan.

Topokki $32
They have two types of hot stone plates: topokki and hot and spicy stir fried chicken with vegetables. My friend and I decided to share topokki. It's a mixture of soft rice cakes and fish cakes in a spicy chili sauce. The sauce has a bit of sweetness to it. We requested the sauce to be made mildly spicy but since my friend and I are both weak when it comes to spice, we both died halfway. The hot plate comes with cheese, egg, and corn. The cheese melts as the hot plate is heated when it's brought out to the table. I recommend eating the cheese first since it will harden as it cools off. There are a few deep fried dumplings and vegetables to dip into the cheese and spicy sauce. Overall, this was an interesting dish to try out. It is quite a big portion so it's probably better to share amongst 3-4 people rather than between just 2. The food got overwhelming halfway through the meal and I also felt like I was lacking meat, even though there was fish in it. 

Korean Style BBQ Short Ribs $24 
We ordered this halfway since we desperately needed food that was meaty and savoury. Well, it saved the day. These barbeque-d short ribs were tender and perfectly marinated. I highly recommend ordering these if you come here! I could've honestly eaten the whole thing to myself with a bowl of rice and been satisfied. 

Miga is a great place to check out if you're craving Korean food. Don't let it disappear into the many eateries that are in the same area. 

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Address: 9261 34 Avenue

Pho Boy

One of the latest eateries that I've gone to is Pho Boy, which replaced B's Diner off Whyte Ave (and which I still dearly miss btw - remember those ramen burgers?). I normally don't prefer to go to pho places but when I saw on their Instagram that they served banh xeo, I knew I had to stop by. 

I checked it out during their soft opening week. I would describe this place as a hipster pho eatery with a cozy vibe. I really liked the interior of it, from their rice hat inspired lights to the beautiful scenic mural on one of their walls.

Pho Boy is a family owned restaurant. Their soft opening menu will be similar to their official menu - with a few more additions to it. Their main focus is on pho, hence the name, but they have other Vietnamese dishes. Overtime, they are looking to expand their menu to add on a few more dishes such as vermicelli bowls. 

Banh Khot $4 (3 pcs)
To start off our dinner, my friend and I shared a half order of banh khot. Pho Boy describes them as sizzling rice poppers but I would describe them as mini Vietnamese crispy pancakes with coconut, shrimp, and pork. They were pretty tasted and surprisingly not much different from the ones I had in Vietnam this past summer. 

Banh Xeo $7
Mmm, banh xeo... the item I've been craving for months! What is this exactly? A big sizzling crispy pancake stuffed with bean sprouts, shrimp, and pork, then served with nuoc mam (fish sauce). If you're confused about the description of it, it sizzles as it's being cooked. It's not served to you sizzling! The pancake did not disappoint my craving but it did lack a bit of flavour. It can be found under their appetizers section but I ate it as an entree myself. 

Pho Boy Dragon Special $10
My friend had their special pho, which seems to be their main type of pho. It's a combination of steak, flank, tripe, beef balls, dragon balls, chicken, tendon, and the normal veg (cilantro and onions). The special is offered in three sizes: regular, large, and jumbo. He had the regular size and found it to be decently filling. The broth was flavourful and there was a good ratio of toppings to noodles. The dragon balls in the pho stood out for me the most when I tried a bit of the soup. Pho Boy also has the option of building your own pho if you want something more customizable.

If you're looking for a pho eatery with a hip and chill vibe, Pho Boy is a good place to stop by. They also have arcade games if you wanna kill time while you wait for your food.

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