Giveaway: Edo a Little, Help a Lot

This weekend, Edo will be having their "Edo a Little, Help a Lot" holiday campaign at all their Canada-wide locations! They are hoping to raise $65 000 this year for local food banks. For every spring roll that is purchased until January 1st, 25 cents will go towards food banks. On Saturday December 10, they will be hosting "Double Up Day". For each spring roll sold that day, Edo will be doubling their donations to local food banks from 25 cents to 50 cents. How can you help out? 

 Go Edo a little spring roll and hashtag #edoalittlehelpalot on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
 Go to my Instagram (@mshangryfoodie) for a chance to win a $25 Edo gift card! 

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Giveaway details: runs from December 8, 2016 to December 10, 2016 6 PM MST. Winner must have a valid Canadian mailing address and reside in Edmonton & area. Gift card is provided by Edo. 

Have fun Edo-ing! 


Hi guys! I'm back! I'm gonna start getting back into my blogging mode so I'll start off with one of my new favorite eateries. Dorinku is an izakaya located on Whyte Ave with an amazing atmosphere. It gives off a "feel good" vibe with delicious food. The food portions are meant to be small so I wouldn't recommend going if you're super hungry. If you do, you might end up spending a bit more on Japanese food than per usual! The service is friendly and you're greeted as soon as you walk in. Little touches like the Japanese vending machine and Japanese arcade game made Dorinku an unforgettable experience. If being in Dorinku is like being in Japan (as many close comparisons have been made) then I absolutely cannot wait to go there one day. 

Pressed Avocado Sushi $11.80
I ordered off their soft opening menu during my first menu since their actual menu wasn't available yet. (Update: it's fully available now). One of the main items I wanted to try here was the pressed style sushi. Dorinku offers three types: avocado, wild salmon, and wild saba. The avocado pressed sushi was the most simple dish we had that night. Although it was served with a Japanese citrus seaweed sauce, the sushi was still plain. It tasted fresh except it kept breaking apart when we tried to pick it off the plate. 

Pressed Wild Salmon Sushi $13.80
The next dish that came out has become one of my favorite dishes here. The pressed salmon sushi uses wild sockeye salmon that is slightly seared. They kept the sushi from being dry with their Japanese mint and creamy soy sauce. Compared to other places that serve pressed sushi, each piece is a good portion size. 

Ramen Salad $10.30
This salad was a refreshing addition to our meal! It was a mixture of egg noodles, pork chashu, cucumber, Japanese pickles, onions, sliced nori, and a soft boiled egg. The creamy dressing was a sesame soy dressing. It's a good sharing dish if you want something that isn't as heavy. 

Chicken Karaage $9.80
Another one of my go-to dishes. It's a simple, deep-fried chicken dish that Dorinku never messes up. The chicken is juicy while the outside texture is slightly crispy. It's served with a delicious chili mayo sauce and green tea salt. The salt can be very salty so I suggest you only try a tiny bit at once! Whenever I finish the chicken and still have some mayo left, I eat it with my Shaka Shaka fries.

Japanese Style Calamari $9.80
It didn't really differ from regular calamari at other places. I guess the only difference with this calamari is that it's served with a Japanese style tartar sauce and special Japanese mint salsa sauce. 

Since I'm making a review based on my first visit, I did go back a few times after to try other dishes. These are a few of my other favorites...
Shaka Shaka Fries $6.80: regular French fries served in a paper bag with a side of Japanese seasoning. You're suppose to put the seasoning into the bag then shake it! The fries are similar to Mcdonald's fries. In Japan, this is a common menu item at fast food places.
Ebi-Mayo $10.30: deep fried Tiger prawns with spicy mayo. I didn't find the mayo to be very spicy so it's good for mild eaters. 
Hamachi Carpaccio $13.30: I find this to be one of Dorinku's more exquisite dishes. It's seared yellowtail, mayo and parmesan cheese with sesame soy dressing and goji berry.
Jewelry Bowl $12.80: this is a rice dish that consists of diced sashimi, Japanese mint, pickled daikon, and salmon roe. My only complaint would be that it's a smaller portion.

Dorinku is a great place to eat, drink, and socialize! Definitely a great addition to Edmonton's foodie scene. 

dorinku Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Address: 10205 82 Ave


It's been a busy month! I've been out and about and in just a few weeks, I'll be halfway across the world. If you have Instagram, my food adventures are now posted daily at @mshangryfoodie. Give me a follow if you wanna stay hungry (or should I say hangry?)! 

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Last month, I finally had the chance to check out Yuzen! I was never able to before since I always worked on Saturdays. Coincidentally, my friends had never been there either so all 6 of us were newcomers! Yuzen is a Japanese restaurant in St Albert that offers the regular food you'd find such as sushi, sashimi, bento, and tempura. They're also very well known for their ramen, which is only made on Saturdays from 11:30 am to 2 pm. My friends and I came around 12 pm and knew we'd have to wait since we needed a bigger table. Our wait was about half an hour which wasn't too bad. The restaurant itself is tiny though. You're very close to each other and although it doesn't feel intimate, there's a bit of a cozy feeling. Which is perfect for eating ramen, of course. 

Miso Ramen $11
All of the ramen was accompanied by the usual: cha shu, bamboo shoots, green onions,  and nori (seaweed). I was craving miso soup so I decided to go with the miso ramen, which uses a soy bean paste. The ramen sizing was decently generous, I was full after for sure! Actually, I got mad itis after. The broth was very light but it wasn't bland. The noodles were chewy in texture and fun to eat. One thing to note is that eggs are an extra addition with the ramen, so don't forget to order it. The size of the egg was surprisingly big compared to other ramen bowls I've had. 

Tonkotsu Ramen $11
The tonkotsu ramen had a thick and creamy broth made from pork bones. Yuzen perfected it because it wasn't too thin or thick which can be a problem! This particular ramen is more creamier so I would recommend it if you wanted a heartier meal. 

Shio Ramen $11
The shio ramen had more of a saltier base. The right touch of umami was found in this ramen, just like all the other bowls. 

Tantanmen Ramen $12
For those with a spicier taste, tantanmen ramen will be your go-to! It uses a sesame paste which brings out the redness in the broth. The spiciness level was definitely there so this isn't for the weaklings (aka me cause I can't eat anything spicy). 

Chicken Teriyaki Don $9.50 
Along with their ramen menu, Yuzen also has appetizers and donburi (Japanese rice bowls) on Saturdays. It's definitely a smaller portion that the ramen so I wouldn't say it would be filling as a meal. My friend ordered the chicken teriyaki flavored which came with deep fried chicken. The teriyaki sauce was too light for me. I feel like overall the bowl lacked some flavouring and was of average. 

I wouldn't say Yuzen is the best ramen shop but it's definitely one of the better ones in and around Edmonton. Honestly, I prefer Ohana Ya in St Albert for ramen (review here). If you ever have a chance to stop by on a Saturday, I'd recommend it. I probably won't be back till the colder season though just cause I don't really like ramen in the summer... Yeah I'm weird like that! If you decide to stop by, go before they open so there's less of a wait time. And less chance of them running out of eggs cause we got the last eggs apparently.

Yuzen Japanese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Address: 127-1 Herbert Road

Blaze Pizza

The latest pizza joint to hit the city goes by the name of Blaze Pizza. It's a California based chain with countless locations in the US, and very few in Canada. We are lucky to be one of the few (the others are Toronto and Calgary). It's actually owned by the creators of Wetzels Pretzel! Blaze Pizza follows the trendy "made to order" concept that a lot of eateries are taking part in nowadays. No complaints though, it's quicker and more efficient, which means... less hangry waiting time for me! Blaze Pizza is found in Manning Town Centre which already has multiple eateries in the area (such as Five Guys and soon to be Brown's Socialhouse). Finally, the northside is getting some good recognition. The interior is spacious and has a modern feel to it. The service is super friendly! My friend and I were greeted right as we walked in. When it was our turn to order, the worker was very informative on explaining how the ordering process worked. Great service always adds to an enjoyable experience.

At Blaze Pizza, you have the choice of ordering one of their signature pizzas or building your own. (Have you noticed a lot of similarities between this and Love Pizza? A mini comparison will be made later!). If you choose to make your own creation, it's basically unlimited toppings for one price. Solid deal. There's a gluten free crust available as well and a high-rise crust (for an additional charge) if you want your pizza nice and thick. All of the pizzas come in one size, which is quite filling! The pizza only takes 3 minutes to be "Fast Fire'd" in their 800 degree open flame oven.

During my trip, I decided to try one of their house creations. I went with the White Top, a white cream sauce based pizza with mozzarella cheese, applewood bacon, garlic, oregano, and arugula. The crust of the pizza was on the thinner side but had a slight crisp to it. It wasn't too thin though and luckily, it wasn't soggy! Sogginess is a problem that no one wants to deal with when they eat a thin crusted pizza. I enjoyed the light combination of toppings on my pizza. I wish that there was more applewood bacon though. The ratio of bacon to arugula was not even! My friend decided to create his own pizza with grilled chicken and other toppings (I honestly don't remember, whoops). He thought the pizza was delicious and filling. 

For dessert, only one option was available. The s'more pie is created daily and has the option of being warmed up when you ordered it. I highly recommend this option because when you're eating it, the chocolate is literally melting all over your hands and it's so DELICIOUS. It tastes like a legit s'more from a firepit since the marshmallow is soft and oozy as well. Although the s'more pie was a smaller serving, that just means you need to order two! 

So how does Blaze Pizza compare to Love Pizza? They are both equally delicious, in their own ways. Both places use completely different crusts (thin vs slightly thick). The creations are different as well but I'd say that Love Pizza has a wider range to choose from when it comes to toppings. Blaze Pizza certainly goes out of their way to provide friendly service though. Pizza lovers will enjoy Blaze Pizza for sure! 

Blaze Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 
Address: 15709 39 Street